Britney Penouilh is a mixed media artist with a geology background from New Orleans, LA, currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Influenced by science, Penouilh’s work is a curiosity of the universe, the land, and the human experience.

With extensive training in drawing – line, shadow, texture, dimension, perspective, and proportion, Penouilh spent many years rendering portraits, still life, landscape, and architectural drawings from direct observation.

At the University of New Orleans, Penouilh earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts. "I studied Geology in addition to Fine Art.  For a year, I worked in a geology lab analyzing ore samples from the world’s largest copper and gold mine. The ultimate human history begins with the Earth and I wanted to understand the systems, geology, and land that immediately influence cultures. Philosophy, Theology and Science became subject matter to my work as I incorporated drawing, painting, collage and sculpture in mixed media pieces."

Penouilh has worked with renowned hyperrealist sculptor Carole Feuerman in New York, NY and completed artist residencies in Lake Clark, AK and Hot Springs, NC