Rituals are a joyful expression of humanity.

Unlike any other city, the identity of New Orleans is spoken through its' rituals. With reverence and respect, honor and intention, every detail is a penance to the ritual, from symbolic hand-shaped breads to the craftsmanship of an altar, special hand-crafted cocktails, and musicians playing on the street. These sacred offerings are our gifts to share with you. My gift is one of craftsmanship, composition and art.

Britney Penouilh


Carnival this year was an homage to the 1896 Proteus procession - Dumb Society by Carlotta Bonnecaze, the first female and first Creole to design costumes for carnival krewes.


St. Joseph's Day

St. Joseph's Day is an annual collaboration between myself and Bellegarde Bakery with a panel discussion between the altar makers, master bakers, and guardians of the flame. 


St. John's Eve

St. John's Eve is an unusual New Orleans ritual uniting Catholicism, Hatian Voodoo, and Masonic tradition for a ceremony that corresponds with the Summer Solstice. 



Magdalena is an annual juried art exhibition for photographers and mixed media artists to re-imagine Mary Magdalene.